The site of Cristina Alvarez Magliano
Fine Art in Marquetry
Works grouped by whimsical, but serious, themes or series (Click on the images to
see them bigger)
The Twelve days of Christmas - Natural and dyed wood veneer on silhouettes various sizes
Clockwise from left up: "About Christians and Cataros"; "A corner at Caunnes-Minervois";
"Looking to the Loire"; "Paisaje Lunar"; "Reflejo de Tierra" (sculpture);  "BC,air,water,land and two for
tango" Triptych;  and "Reflejo del Agua" (sculpture) 2003/2005
"Cormorants in Sidney By The Sea"  I and II
"Quails Family", Triptych (with gold leaf)
Migration Times Around the Globe
(Clockwise from up-left) "Emperor Penguins raising kids"; "Changing Seas"; "King
Penguins Socializing"; "Upset Crab"; "African Crowned Crane in the Breeding
Season"; "Emperor moth at night"; "People gather at Spring Time";
"CiocioSan"; Bearded Colly Pup" -Acrylics- ; "Eels sway to the rhythm of the
sea anchored in the sand" (
with silver wire and fossils)
All rights reserved to Cristina Alvarez Magliano-copyright2013
"The great provider"  5 pieces -marquetry and gold leaf-
"Intimate Stories" I and II
Detail on the right. Interchangeable design to make it
interactive with the viewer.
"Equalization of the Blues",    24 pieces 4x4 inch. each
"Stardust and Chocolate"  8 x 24 inch. - Natural and dyed wood
veneer on board- silver wire and melted metal- presentation for the
Salon "The Food I love", a multidisciplinary  event  in Nanaimo, BC