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Fine Art in Marquetry
All these paphiopedilums,
cypripediums and any kind of
beautiful Lady Slippers
evolved into species of
anthropomorphised  ladies.  
They even went to dance on
Saturday Nights
"Lady Slippers on a Saturday Night"  (2010 Collin Graham Award)
"Hot LadySlippers" - "Lace LadySlippers" - "Tennis LadySlippers"
"Flat for every occasion"     -  "For trousers"  -     "Pink Booties"
"Alternative California Slippers"
In this series there are just a few extra materials -in "Alternative.." printed
names and a few pieces of abalone, in "Lace.." pieces of brass inserted
as heels and in "Ruffle.." a scratch across the background-. The use of a
strong palette separates them from my previous work. Deep blues
contrasting with soft and strong greens, reds with blues and greens, cool
pinks with garnet and vibrant green, very few pieces of naturally colored
veneer to accentuate the borders, usually light, are some of the
characteristics of these ladies, whose shapes have been inspired by the
flowers itself and fashion designs of shoes.  
Evolved Lady Slippers