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Fine Art in Marquetry
Works inspired by orchids  
"Cattleya Gutatta"
Clockwise from top left:  "Cattleya Bicolor"; "Lady of the Night"; "Masdevalia
Constricta"; "Cattleya Labiatta"
"Laelia Tenebrosa"
"Spring Night"
"Floating Phaphiopedilums"; "Phalaenopsis"; "Paphiopedilums"; "Pragmipediums"
These pictures are the most
representative of the series
dedicated to South American
Orchids. Sizes are: 64cm by 64cm
the seven first;   45cm by 75cm the
central;  30cm by 30cm the row of
four; and 60 cm by 40 cm the last
one. In addition to natural and dyed
veneer, agates, quartz, fossils,
mother of pearl, abalone, pearls,
rodocrosita, melted white metal and
silver wire are added -randomly or in
connection with the shape- to have
some sparkles of contrasting colors
and movement.
And some whimsical species...
"Orchid Stamps"
(1)Green House in La Reja,
Province of Buenos Aires, with
different species of orchids.

(2) Laelias and cattleyas from the
green house.
And, on the left,
"Forest-Reflections",  a triptych.
Marquetry on board, with fusion in
green and copper wire, that reflects
the Laelias