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Lugares dedicados al arte y la marqueterìa.
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The American Marquetry Society (AMS) is a nonprofit organization with a worldwide
membership, devoted to advancing the art and craft of marquetry.

Marquetry Society is from Great Britain where they have almost 1000 members and an
excellent web site.

Art Marquetry is a web site by Paul Dean of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It has tons of good
information. This site includes a link to the Marquetry Society of Canada and other sites for
artists, marquetarian, suppliers,  on the Internet.

Marquetry Society of Canada - Application for Membership,Origins of Marquetry and
The Knife cutting Method - Summary of Newsletters.

Artists and information:

The site of Bernard Rottenfus from Toulouse, France. It's in english and french. You will find
there a lot of information about techniques, artists and methods. Also it has a profusion of
images, notes and links.

The site of
Dave Peck. If you are looking for a Traditional Californian Landscape in
Marquetry and Woodturning, you should visit this place. Dave combines wood-turning with
marquetry in his very original style.

Te site of
Janet Walker. She is a canadian artist from Alberta; her inspiration comes from
her beloved land and deep feelings about nature.

The site of
Dustin Doerntlein. He is a young and very active canadian that makes wonderful
custom furniture and inlays works.

The site of
Kent Carlos Everett from Georgia, USA. He makes exceptional guitars -real
pieces of art- and inserts marquetry pieces to enhance the beauty and originality of his
designs. See specially his tour on the construction of one of his
celebrated guitars. I've
collaborated with him, doing three pieces of marquetry for his instruments.

The site of
Patrick Delarme in France. Patric Delarme, passionné de modélisme, depuis
son plus jeune âge, il rencontre en 1986 un antiquaire lequel va bouleverser sa vie. À son
contact, il appris les bases théoriques et pratiques du métier de marqueteur....Pendant des
années, il a participé à de nombreuses expositions et démonstrations qu'il a organisait, et
où l'on put apprécier : le dessin, le découpage, l'incrustation, l'application du vernis au

History of Marquetry - Museums

The Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts, New York. In this site you can find a lot of images
and books about the "Studiolo" of Duque d'Urbino, in permanent exhibition in the European
Decorative Arts Section. It is a must for marquetarian as well as for art lovers. If you love
art, any period and style, it will be worth to pay a visit to this place; if you are not able to
travel, you can visit the museum on line: it has one of the best sites on the Web for
research, study, documented information, and enjoyment of its enormous collections of art.

Louvre Museum, France. One of the most prestigious museum in the world. It has a
large and exclusive collection of antiquities from Egypt and Minor Asia, besides its more
than large collection of european paints.

Art Galleries

MyArtClub.Com --provides a self service website for artists and art groups to market
themselves and their art on the internet. Using form fill equivalent to email, artists and clubs
can create their own home page with biography, exhibits, shows, professional associations
and show their art on the web.

Nanaimo Art Gallery. Has two places in Nanaimo; one where the Vancouver Island
University has its campus, dedicated to special exhibitions, generally on contemporary art,
and the other in downtown where it promotes the sales and rental program for local artists. h

The is the online Gallery for the canadian artist and artisans worth of
visiting and find a world of different media expressions.

Galleries West Magazine, Your link to the visual arts in Western Canada. Galleries West
showcases the visual arts and artists in Western Canada and is a guide to more than 400
fine art galleries, by location, in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the
Yukon and Northwest Territories On-line Directory of art and artists. is the largest 'Open Community Fine Arts Wiki Project' in the world that
receives millions of visitors monthly. Their database of Fine Art images and articles is in the
millions and it continues to grow daily. It is a nonprofit organization; everyone interested in
fine arts should visit it.

Cultural Centers Your gateway to Nanaimo, British Columbia, with travel articles and
photos from across Canada, including art's activities in mid-island locations.

Nanaimo Art Council, a non profit association devoted to the promotion of arts in the
community. In Nanaimo, at the North Mall (formerly Rutherford Mall)

Arts Council of Ladysmith and District, a non profit association devoted to the promotion of
arts in the community. In Ladysmith, in front of the Marina.
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